Each of the exhibits are worked by an expert in her particular field and there are approximately 47 different interpretations by 36 of todays finest workers from 14 different countries.

I don't think anyone imagined for one moment that the original 14 works would grow to an amazing 47 framed pieces, so couldn't possibly has envisaged the logistics of transportation, exhibition venues etc and Ulrike Voelcker is to be congratulated for being the driving force and organiser behind all of this, as well as personally packing/unpacking  each and every one of the exhibits and transporting them to the majority of the venues in Europe.  Susie Johnson has also played a large part by collecting together photographs of the completed works along with the paragraphs from each of us to accompany our lace, explaining our thought process/journey whilst being worked.  Helena Fransens volunteered to do the Dutch translations and persuaded her friend Monique Saquet to do the French along with Francoise Aufauvre.  Gina Hart organised the printing/laminating and framing of the paragrgraphs, which were printed in four languages - English, German, Dutch and French.  Pompi Parry and Catherine Barley organised the exhibition here in the UK along with a three day workshop with Ulrike teaching Chantilly, Susie teaching Withof and Catherine teaching Point de Gaze.  The workshops were so successful that the students asked for another to be held the following year (2012) but this time for four days instead of three!

The Poppies have beeb exhibited at:

2009   -   IOLI Convention - Los Angeles - USA - July/Aug
             Wavre - BELGIUM - Aug
             Bourbonne-les-Bains - FRANCE
             Zonhoven - BELGIUM - Nov
2010   -   SWITZERLAND - May
             Sansepolcro - ITALY - Sept - Nov
2011   -   New Greenham Arts Centre - UK - April
             IDRIJA - SLOVENIA and Purgstall - AUSTRIA - Sept/Oct
2012   -   OIDFA Conference Caen - FRANCE - July
             IOLI Conference St Paul, Minnessota - USA - Aug
             Bochum - GERMANY - Nov
2013   -   Deventer - THE NETHERLANDS - April
             Rendsburg - GERMANY - Sept

We hope you will enjoy viewing a selection from this stimulating International Californian Poppy Exhibition along with photographs taken of some of the works whilst they were still in progress.